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Norwegian warship at risk of sinking after collision with oil tanker


A Norwegian warship was heavily damaged in a collision with a Maltese oil tanker in the North Sea off the coast of Norway.

According to Norwegian media reports Thursday, the frigate is in danger of sinking after sustaining heavy damage. The oil tanker is reportedly undamaged.

Several reports confirmed that all 137 crew on the navy ship were evacuated but seven have been treated for minor injuries.

“The armed forces is now reviewing all the means available in the region to assist the KNM Helge Ingstad (the damaged warship),” Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen told AFP.

According to the website Marine Traffic, the 62,000-ton oil tanker Sola is continuing its route from Norway to a terminal in northeast England.

However, one separate media report said that despite suffering only superficial damage, the tanker is now at a standstill and waiting to be towed back into a Norwegian port.

Reuters reported that the Equinor Sture oil shipment terminal, from where the oil tanker left, has been closed as a precautionary measure.